About Infinity Motorsports Racing

Infinity Motorsports Racing was created by turbo race car enthusiasts for turbo race car enthusiasts. Originally started in a small personal shop, we have now expanded to include a manufacturing facility and warehouses throughout the US allowing us to better serve our customers.

Being true to how we began, we continue to engineer and manufacture products for high performance turbo cars. We have a passion for developing innovative products that advance your platform, improve performance or simply satisfy an unfulfilled need. Our slogan is “Acceleration Through Innovation”.

As much as we love creating products our top priority is YOU, the customer. We're continuously improving our business processes and growing our catalog to better serve your high performance parts needs. If it’s not listed in our catalog, just ask sales@IMRAmerica.com 

Whether you drive a sleeper, drag car or are a road course champ…….we have the parts you want with very competitive pricing and fast shipping. Contact us at sales@IMRAmerica.com or visit us at infinitymotorsportsracing.com for your “go fast parts”.